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Lots of people do these biography bits in the third person.  I’ve done that myself from time to time.  This time around, seeing as how it’s for my own website and folks stopping by aren’t likely to assume that I’ve got my own personal biographer researching and writing this, I figured I’d dispense with the illusion.

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Yes, that’s right, within the city limits.  For some reason, people have a hard time grasping that concept.  They assume I mean the suburbs (where, truth to tell, I live now).  I was introduced to comics and books at an early age and fell in love with both.  Kudos to my folks for realizing what so few parents did back in the day -- anything that gets a kid reading is a GOOD THING.

Early on, I was convinced I was going to draw comics for a living.  Even when I started writing prose fiction, I was less interested in creating the stories in sequential art than I was in rendering them.  Go figure.

By the time I hit college, I was planning to do both.  Thing is, as I came to realize, I was only an okay artist.  With a lot of work (and I mean a LOT of work), I might have become a pretty good artist. Eventually, it struck me that I’d be better served focusing on my writing and leaving the art to those who don’t think perspective is designed to drive aspiring artists to drink. Things went considerably smoother thereafter!

In 1997, I landed a comic book series at Caliber Comics.  Titled ROBYN OF SHERWOOD, it told the story of the daughter of Robin Hood and Marian taking up their fight 15 years or so after her parents’ death. Sales weren’t great, but the few people who read the series, including a number of editors, liked it pretty well.  Sadly, that series was cut short for a number of reasons.  Thankfully, it did lead to projects for Moonstone Books, Lone Star Press, DC, Marvel, Lerner Books, Bluewater Productions and IDW.

These days, I’m making my home in the Detroit suburbs, working on a hundred and one new projects in various stages of development and trying desperately to get my website updated every so often.



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