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Links to a few of the online interviews that I've done, arranged by site:

COMIC NEWS SITES (that I visit daily)
Comic Book Resources
The Beat: The News Blog of Comics Culture
Comics Continuum
Comics Alliance

PUBLISHERS (for whom I work/have worked)

Bluewater Productions
DC Comics
Devil's Due Entertainment
IDW Publishing
Lerner Publishing / Graphic Universe
Marvel Comics
Moonstone Books

Copy Editor
Hurricane Entertainment
Lone Star Press - (Did some writing for them as well, but sadly none of it ever saw print.)

CREATORS (whom I like, admire, have worked with or all of the above -- not an exhaustive list)

Sean McKeever - Creator of The Waiting Place and fine stories for Marvel and DC Comics.
David Yurkovich - Creator of such wonderful offbeat epics as Death By Chocolate, The Broccoli Agenda and The S.H.o.P.
Thom Zahler - Letterer, Inker, Writer, web designer -- he does it all.
Mike NortonComics Illustrator and human skyscraper.
Rob Davis - Veteran comics illustrator and Robyn of Sherwood collaborator.
Kelly Yates - Talented cartoonist and creator of Amber Atoms.
Kurt Busiek - Comics writer whose stellar work includes Astro City and Marvels.
Chuck Dixon - Veteran comics writer, good guy and inspiration.

Alex Simmons - Writer, actor, playwright, voiceover talent, guest speaker, & teaching artist. Creator of Blackjack.
Beau Smith - Comics writer and self-proclaimed "Manliest Man in Comics!"
Dwayne McDuffie -Great writer of comics & TV and fellow Detroit native who passed away far, far too young.
Craig Rousseau - Talented artist and occasional DC collaborator
Brad Rader - Talented artist and one-time DC collaborator (Warning: Adult Content!)
Terri Boyle - Letterer and web designer


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